Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Rustic Retreat by the sea

One final post before the end of 2011, can you believe its that time of year again? The above wedding was for Brooke & Kurt at the newly built Surfhouse, Mereweather on the coast of Newcastle. While the weather proved frusterating on the day, the reception was protected from the elements and provided the

While there is alot of new and excitng things to post about, Im going to keep these under wraps until we return back to the office as per normal on Tuesday 10th January, 2012. We wish all our followers and clients a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to styling many more gorgeous occasions and sharing them on our blog for 2012.

Much Love,
TSS xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Styling Tip - The importance of Lighting

While putting together our blog bank (a list of topics we wish to blog about) the topic of lighting was one of the first to come up! Why, because it’s so often overlooked and an area of styling we place the utmost importance in. Let’s face it; most of you are likely browsing through perfected wedding photos that have been edited to ensure the image projects the right light for the moment, wether that is soft and whimsical or bright and bold. Reality check – that’s not how it’s going to look in real life UNLESS you put your thinking hat on when it comes to your days lighting!
To start with we will just be covering artificial lighting but in the coming weeks we will also touch on natural lighting and the importance of this at say an outdoor ceremony. We are not saying we can control the weather just as we can’t grow endless fields of Peonies on command (though some brides would like to think we can!) but we can at least give advice about the best way to ensure we make the most of what we are dealt with weather wise on THE day.
The lighting you select can vary as much as the theme you choose, see below a range of ways to incorporate lighting into your room:

1. Ceiling Chandeliers/Lighting

This is the classic option for lighting and styling your room, lights hung at a reasonable height from the ceiling and to not impose on any stage formalitites. The advantages of this option is that it creates intimacy in a previous large or bland style room. Its also great for taking focus off any unsightly areas above. There are no rules with what you choose to suspend just ensure the size of the piece works with the ratio of the room i.e. a small chandelier in a large grand ballroom will just look lost and out of place!

2. Low hung lighting

When a room and your floor plan have the capacity to create this type of rig its usually always your best option for lighting impact! The idea is to have your lighting unit hung at exactly the correct height above your guest tables, as a guide around 80cm from the bottom of the piece to the top of the table. Before you get too excited, keep in mind this rigging set up doesnt work for every event and we recommend you hire a stylist to manage a technique such as this as it can become quiet tricky.

3. Candlelight

Who said you need the expense of rigging powered lights? Candlelight is one of the most romantic and eye pleasing forms of lighting and its relatively inexpensive to provide! Get creative with your candle lights; create clusters of hurricanes in a mix of sizes for an eclectic mix. For something more elaborate see our floral rings which feature a mix of foliage and blooms with soft candles for lighting. To make it extra special, select good quality candles even ones with an 'ever so soft' scent that fills the room (make sure its not too strong this could result in giving guests a headache!). Our pick, Papaya candles in a range of sizes to suit! 

Quick Tips on Lighting:

* Ensure you select the correct ratio and size of lights to fill your desired space

* Book a licenced rigger or styling company to install your lights.

* Speak to your venue coordinator first before planning any of your lighting.

* Dont skmip on your lighting, it will make or break the atmosphere of the room!

 * If the venue doesnt have rigging points get creative and use candles or items such as The Hire End's table chandeliers, they look like a real chandelier except they are lit using candles!

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